Jun 23, 2012

Throwback: Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus

My Mom is a kindergarten teacher, so every now and then I find myself next to a pile of books for kids.  It's similar to every other day of my life.  Well yesterday I found myself flipping through Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus, by Sherri Brownrigg, a Scholastic Reader Level 2 book that I used to love as a child.

My immediate reaction: this book predicted the future of Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Level 2 books, according to Scholastic, features "longer sentences and stories with words kids need to know and new 'big' words that they will want to know."

Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus definitely does that.  While the story feels like it could have been a Full House episode (two best friends who wear pink tutus both want the lead in the Nutrcracker, but flub their auditions so the other won't feel left out), it's a story that will captivate a young reader as they attempt to navigate through unfamiliar words and longer sentences.  Mission accomplished.  

Prior to the meat of the story, the new, young readers are greeted with repetitive sentences that all include "we wear pink tutus."  Once the reader can master those words, they can focus on learning the other words in the story. 

All in all, it's simple and cute and fulfills its purpose of presenting new readers with slightly more complex structures.   Even though it's about ballet, and I hate ballet and always have, there's something endearing that makes me still love this nostalgic find.  It has to be my love for Sophia Grace and Rosie.  Really, I would like to be their best friend.  Do they live in the Ellen studio yet?


  1. Aw. My little sister was very into the other book in the series, All Tutus Should be Pink. She loved running around in her pink tutu also! So frisking sweet.

    And, randomly, I went on a couple of ill fated OKCupid dates with the nephew of the illustrator of those books. That was pretty much the best thing going for him...

    1. Hahaha, what a weird connection! I read All Tutus Should be Pink for the first time a few days ago. The stories are cute =)

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