May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogs/Sites That Aren't About Books

Top Ten Blogs/Sites That Aren't About Books

1 + 2. What Should We Call Me? / / How Do I Put This Gently?
This is almost like cheating because these tumblrs are practically identical, but I frequent both daily and they always make me laugh with their pretty much 100% accurate descriptions of gifs from pop culture.

3 + 4. Lolbrary / / I Waste So Much Time
Again with the cheating, but both of these have a bunch of usually funny and/or awesome images.

5. 11points
I love lists (duh) so his weekly top 11 lists always make me happy.  Plus, the creator has that awkward, sarcastic humor that I love down pat.  It's also educational!

6. Playr
Sometimes you just want to play an old school video game when you have a million other things you could be doing.

7. Tom Haverfoods
This one is a bit old, but it still makes me laugh.  Actually, every fan created Parks and Recreation site is fantastical.

8. Huffington Post
I'm pretty liberal, so that's one reason.  The other reason is where else can you find out about the latest political scandal as well as "Kate Upton's Patriotic Bikini"?  Okay, anywhere really, but HuffPo is my favorite.

9. Pottermore
Okay, this is semi-about books, but technically it's more about the world of Harry Potter, so I'm counting it.  The site has new information about Harry Potter AND it officially sorts you.  I'm a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor mix who chose Hufflepuff. #represent

10. The AV Club
I love TV and I love analyzing TV episodes and I love reading other people's interpretations of TV episodes.

More sites at The Broke and the Bookish!


  1. Oh, I didn't think to include Pottermore on my list this week. Wish I had now!

    I like your blog and now I'm a new follower.

  2. I wish I thought to include Pottermore! And how can you not love Hufflepuff. There was a lot of jumping up and down screaming when I got sorted into Hufflepuff...

    1. Hufflepuffs ARE pretty awesome. Everyone always asks why I chose them over Gryffindor. They just don't understand.

  3. I just read about 11 points on another Top Ten. Love it.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog