Oct 3, 2011

Day 08 – Most overrated book

I know I'm part of the minority here, it being an international bestseller and all, but I think The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is just godawful.  In my reference class, we were told that reading recent and popular books across all genres will help us when we're put on the spot to help someone.  Naturally I figured it was a good idea to try this book out before America attempted its own film version.  I read it just in time.

Now I knew going in that the author had passed away before finishing what was supposed to be a ten part series and that the books lacked any significant editing, but uggghfhguhguhgug.  The first 200 pages felt like I was suffering through a business class without the reward of a high paying job after graduation.  The rest of the book felt like I was reading an episode of Law and Order SVU.  The marathons on USA already scare me enough that I want to develop agoraphobia and never go outside where the crazies are waiting, I don't need to read about them too.  

I can semi-see the appeal of these books, though I only read the first, and yeah, there's got to be some stuff lost in translation, but yeeeeeesh, when I think about this book I can just hear the call of BC Superfans chanting "Ov-er-ra-ted" to a team that will proceed to kick their butts. 

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