Sep 18, 2012

The President's Daughter - Part 2

Apparently, the novel was reworked for its 2008 re-release, eliminating some of the glaring differences between its original 80s publication and today.  I haven't read the newer version, but I did just read the second sequel, White House Autumn, and I am working my way through the third, Long Live the Queen, which are both the reworked versions of their original 80s and 90s publications.

I thoroughly enjoy them, because they're good at humanizing the official position.  Even in the day of constant Twitter updates (or maybe because of them), I think we forget that politicians are people with families who are heavily impacted by the political lifestyle.  While not perfect (they can sometimes get a little repetitive and characters can be excessively goody-goody), these books do a great job of guestimating what it's like to be in the shoes of a President's daughter.

But those covers...they are hideous.  Highly reminiscent of those weird 90s covers with people striking weird poses.

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