Sep 14, 2012

Friday Five: Favorite Library Blogs

It shouldn't be a shock that I love blogs.  They're great for finding out new tidbits of information, different perspectives, ideas, and pictures.  So here are my some of my favorite library/book blogs:

It is the best.  The Young Adults Library Services Association gives advice on everything to do with teen services.  They leave NOTHING out.

2. YA or STFU
I might be biased on this one because it's the blog of one of my favorite professors.  The blog consits of reviews of young adult literature, so I find a lot of reading reccomendations.  She can be incredibly sarcastic, so of course I love it. 

3. Librarians Classified
In the style of "What Should We Call Me," this gif blog presents library/librarian scenarios with hilarious gifs.  One of my favorites:

"When a child checks out a stack of books from the library"

Another tumblr favorite, Ryan Gosling brings his "hey girl" to the library.  And it's magical. 
Weeding is essential.  ESSENTIAL.  Yes, we librarians do throw books away!  You might be surprised, but check out this site and you'll understand why some books just need to go. 

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