Mar 7, 2012

Glee Library Scenes

I tried to pick just one, but realized that the William McKinley High School Library is where it's happening for some pretty great times. Or maybe that's just how I feel.

1. "U Can't Touch This"
The New Directions members want to be cool. Being cool means breaking rules. What better way to break the rules than by causing a ruckus in the library? So some of the teens put on their best parachute pants (because why wouldn't teens from the 2000s own parachute pants) and kick it old school with a boombox on top of library tables. Only problem is, the librarian is clearly an MC Hammer fanatic (or I imagine her to be), falls in love with their song and dance number, and wants them to perform for her church. Whoops.

2. "Borderline/Open Your Heart"
Glee mashups are one of the few things the show can still do right. In this one, Finn and Rachel are not only completing their "Madonna assignment," but also fulfilling their role as season one's "will they or won't they" couple. This is fitting because Rachel was named after Rachel from Friends, and if there's anything Rachel from Friends could accomplish (aside from the best hair), it was the Ross and Rachel will they or won't they see-saw.  They sing to each other in the library, staring at each other through bookshelves. It's really quite adorable.

3. Rachel Researches Her Biological Parents
Glee isn't the most well-structured show.  Episodes are built around themes or songs, without much care for past occurrences.  In "Dream On," Rachel's biggest dream is suddenly to find out who her real parents are.  Never mind that in the first episode, we're told that one of her two dads is her biological father. No, Glee doesn't care much for the continuity. Anyway, due to her sudden desire, Rachel hits up the library to do some research and decides the only possibility is that Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin had a secret love child.  A lot of people dream that their real parents are kings and queens, so why wouldn't she believe her parents are Broadway royalty? 

4. "Smile"
This is one of the sadder scenes of Glee.  Set to one of the greatest songs ever, "Smile" (the Charlie Chaplin one, not the Lily Allen one), the Glee Club finally poses for their yearbook picture. Then we see clips of the football team in the library immediately drawing on their picture, because everyone knows that the losers' pictures are always defaced and the biggest losers are in Glee Club.  Sigh. Ruined faces and defaced books. So sad.

Are there any other Glee library scenes that you like?

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