Mar 23, 2012

Friday Five: Hunger Games

I got maybe 3.5 hours of sleep last night because I made the ever wise decision to see yet another movie at midnight and then go to work the next day. What can I say? I'm a trooper. So, because it's on my mind, here are my

Five Thoughts on The Hunger Games Movie:

1) Almost everyone in the theater laughed every time they showed a reaction from Gale. *Sad Gale*. I know they added those scenes to highlight the times in the book when Katniss wonders if Gale is watching (answer: yes), but really they're just playing up the love triangle so they can sell some Team Peeta and Team Gale shirts. I'd rather have a Team Cinna shirt.
2) I really enjoyed the movie, but I think they could have focused on the hunger part for a bit more clarification. Not everyone watching will know about the tessarae and will wonder why Gale's name was entered 42 times instead of just 1. Plus, I was really looking forward to seeing Katniss eat like a pig and freaking out Effie with her lack of manners.

3) Stanley Tucci was absolutely perfect as Caesar. Like, there are no words. But really, when isn't Stanley Tucci perfect?

4) I could have used a little more drunk Haymitch, but it was interesting to see him working the sponsors and trying to protect his District's tributes, which we don't see happening in the book.

5) I didn't think this so much during the book, but seeing the alliance of the "Careers" onscreen made me question why one of them didn't even attempt to kill the others in their sleep. No one was on lookout (at least in the movie). You have the chance to easily eliminate your top competition and you don't take it? You're just asking to lose. Or maybe I'm just a horrible human being who would betray an alliance in a heartbeat. *hangs head in shame, but also in secret pride*

All in all, I really liked the movie. It was faithful enough to the book even with its little additions (sad Gale). I'm maybe even looking forward to Catching Fire already...

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