Jun 11, 2011

Search Terms

More humorous search phrases people are using that somehow lead them to my blog:

"who is the mastermind in i am the messenger"
Did you have a book report to finish?  Couldn't bother reading the rest of the book?  Actually, I can't blame you for asking this question.  The ending of that book is pretty lame.  The answer is the author.  Deep, eh?

"why shouldn't adults judge children"
Because they're tricky lil buggers, that's why.   Did you never read Matilda or see "Home Alone"?  Piss them off and they will get you.  But all joking aside, though I technically wasn't joking, children are a lot smarter than they're given credit for.  So unless you're complaining about how the TV shows they're watching are nothing compared to the shows Nickelodeon used to play, which is an incredibly valid argument, then try to hold back a little judgment. 

"why doesn't mrs. basil frankweil not like the museum"
Uh, she doesn't have a problem with the museum, but then again, your use of double negatives is asking why she does like it.  Also, you spelled her name wrong. 

"librarian risque images"
I have no idea what entry this led to.  I feel like I should be concerned.

Again, it's pretty clear that search engines zero in on the keywords and match searches to sites in such a fashion.  They don't look for context, they look for word matches.  None of these searches would have led to anything remotely useful in my blog. 

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