Jun 27, 2011

#TheList, No. 158: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!This is, without a doubt, my favorite picture book currently in existence.  Practically every person who steps into my apartment is subjected to reading it regardless of age, sex, or sobriety.  Some lucky, or unlucky, souls have actually been subjected to me reading it aloud. 

Even my Mom's kindergarten class knows that it's my favorite picture book.  They sent me a letter on that oversized lined paper you always find in dusty school closets, asking me if it's the illustrations that make it my favorite.  Well kids, that's definitely part of it. 

Not only are the illustrations simple, adorable chalk drawings, but the characterization of the pigeon as a tantrum throwing, conniving toddler is perfect. 

The set-up is simple.  There's a bus driver.  He needs to step away from the bus for a moment.  He asks the reader to make sure the pigeon doesn't drive the bus.  Why?  Because he's a pigeon.  A pigeon with the most adorable, expressive eyes ever.  The child reading the book (or the adult) is then placed in the position of having to tell the pigeon "no" while he begs unrelentlessly to drive the bus in the driver's absence. 

So the book is adorable and teaches children some pretty important lessons: responsibility, tantrums don't always work, and pigeons should not drive.  Kids love it, parents love it, librarians love it. You should love it.  You should also check out the other Pigeon books that have since been published, especially "The Pigeon Wants a Puppy" because c'mon.  A pigeon...and a puppy.  ADORBS. 

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