Mar 15, 2011

So You're Gonna Be a Librarian?

I've already mentioned the usual responses I get to my wanting to be a librarian.  But every now and then I get strange, strange reactions.

I work at a law firm right now, which is on the other side of the spectrum in terms of my life goals.  But I like it and it pays the bills, so it works.  In my office, there's an 87 year old attorney who comes in periodically to play solitaire and reminisce about the time he sat at a table with Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe (true story!).  He has provided 2 of these strange reactions:

The first was his desire to publish a picture book detailing the life of an Indian Chief he has named Wolfman.  Now, he has the story all planned out.  He tells me that Wolfman was born before the Pilgrims arrived and that his birthday was on the first Thanksgiving.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He has named the chief Wolfman.  He's got big plans for this book; he's thinking he should turn it into a series so "the kids can use it for all their reports and fun time reading."  Apparently, my being a librarian-in-training means that I can get this book published for him and he constantly yells at me for having not found him an illustrator yet.  Yes, this man still practices law. 

The other reaction he's given me just makes me laugh...even more so than Wolfman.  "There's no such thing as a children's librarian!"  Oh boy.  So, after showing him how to turn on his computer, something I do on a weekly basis, I pulled up a bunch of websites and showed him children's libraries, libraries with children's rooms, school libraries (also a myth), etc. etc.  He still doesn't believe me. 

Oh well.  The man is utterly adorable and while racist in the way that only old people can be, he's still got a good heart.  I'm going to go look for an illustrator now so he doesn't yell at me tomorrow when I show him how to turn the light on in his office. 

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