Feb 16, 2011

This is how we Dewey it...

The blog title is a lie.  I'm not a librarian and I'm not in a cupboard.  Yet. 

I am currently in grad school and in the process of becoming a librarian.  Why? I'll get to that at some point.  But first, it's important that you realize how much I love lists.  My love of lists is mainly the reason I love How I Met Your Mother (seriously people, if you haven't figured out that every episode is full of lists, you have a horrible attention span).  And really, who doesn't like a good list?  So that's pretty much what this blog is for: fulfilling my desire to catalog and organize things into a neat fashion.  Am I ready to be a librarian, or what?

So let's begin.

Top 5 Responses I Receive When People Find Out I'm in Library School
  1.  "Wow, you must really like books."    
    To which I respond with an emphatic, "Duh."

  2.  "Are you going to wear your hair in a bun and yell at kids?"
    No.  First of all, way to subscribe to stereotypes, jerk.  Second of all, my hair doesn't look that great in a bun fashion.  Lastly, when I'm in charge of a Children's Section one day (fingers crossed), I hope it's super loud because it means kids are having fun.  Who wants a silent library?
  3.  "Oooh, are you going to be a sexy librarian? You'll need to get librarian glasses."
    Ok, I do have the glasses, but only because Tina Fey is one of my favorite beings in existence. 
  4.  "You actually need a degree to sit around and read all day?"
    We don't do that.  Trust me, if that job existed, I would want it in a heartbeat.  But there's so much more that goes into being a librarian; we don't just check out books.  I'm blown away by the content I'm learning in school and how much time, work and energy goes into keeping libraries and archives up and running.  
  5. Some variation of "Really?" or "Why?"
    Why not? I wrote my grad school application essay on how librarians are the Power Rangers of the world.  I would like to be a Power Ranger.  The Pink one, please.
Note how none of those are entirely positive responses.  Well, maybe #3 is, but to each their own.  In time, I hope that people will generate more positive responses to my career path less traveled by and accept me for the list loving librarian (alliteration!) that I am.


  1. Hi. I like your blog already. I kind of want to be a librarian too. Maybe one day I'll go back to school :)

    Love Bridget