Mar 10, 2011

Security Guards Judge Me

I'm used to setting off alarms on occasion (set one off at Shaws last is that even possible?), but in the past two months I have successfully set off the alarm at the library during every single visit.  It's reached the point where I'm probably as recognizable to the security guard as the "Nazi Woman" who marches around the premises.  Our encounters have become entirely predictable: "Oh, it's you," followed by a quick raise of the eyebrows when looking at what I've recently checked out of the children's section.  Sigh.  

This past visit my New Kids on the Block DVD evoked a derisive shake of the head, but the copy of Daddy's Roommate got a sassy exclamation of "What the heeeelll?"  Seriously.

I could just tell her that I'm a Children's Services Librarian student, but these heartwarming encounters I'm having on a fairly regular basis really just tickle me.  Sometimes I feel like I should remind her that librarian professionals aren't supposed to be judgmental about what patrons check out, but at the same time I really can't wait to hear what she says next.  Her reactions are a lot more fun than the guy who once laughed at me  for checking out Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits CD. 


  1. Paula Abdul did have some great songs ... <3

  2. I always judge people, especially when I know my judgmental comments will make them giggle, or you know if they deserve it - like man in the spongebob tie - he deserves my judgment.