Apr 6, 2012

Friday Five: TV Shows Librarians are Obsessed With

Along with book stamping, hair buns 101, glasses selection, and shushing, library school will teach you that librarians or librarians-to-be are obsessed with TV.  We talk about it a lot.  It consumes our class breaks, moments before and after class, and sometimes discussion board posts that get offtrack.  From the past two years, this is what I've gathered:

1. Downton Abbey

Actually, librarians are obsessed with BBC in general.  You'll see.  I finally caved and checked out what I've heard described as "Fancy Entourage."  And now I'm addicted.  The show is a period piece that takes place after the sinking of the Titanic, in a world where the class system is changing.  It's fascinating PLUS Professor McGonagall is in it.  I suppose I should call her Maggie Smith, but I just can't. Not yet.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Librarians will not shut up about this show.  If you walk into any library class and say "Buffy," you will be met with cheers, emphatic "OH MY GOD BEST SHOW EVERRRRRs," praise of Joss Whedon's genius, and jeers toward any vampire series that pales in comparison (cough, Twilight).  Sometimes, if you're lucky, it'll be a classroom that will start singing the songs from the musical episode.   I haven't watched the series yet (I know, I know), but it's on my Netflix instant queue so I can watch it this summer and they'll let me graduate.

3. Dr. Who

Another BBC show that librarians cannot get enough of.  Again, I've never seen it, so I'm unfit to be a librarian. I tend to zone out when people talk about it, but I do know that the lead actor changes all the time and there's time travel involved.  Cool?

4. Once Upon a Time

This one is fairly understandable. Take a bunch of fairy tales and change them around to create a TV show.  They're classic stories that children and YA librarians hear/talk about all the time, so they're naturally going to welcome a different interpretation. Plus, it's from some of the creators of LOST. 

5. Sherlock

Surprise! Another BBC drama.  I swear, librarians think they're British. Maybe librarians in England watch Jersey Shore.  I hope they don't.  Anyway, it's a contemporary take on Sherlock Holmes and librarians always go gaga for anything Sherlock. 

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  1. You will not be allowed to graduate from library school without extensive knowledge of Buffy, so get on that shit. They ask you a Buffy trivia question in front of the entire crowd at graduation. My question was name Episode 13 of Season 3. Nailed it. "The Zeppo".