Feb 8, 2012

New Project!

Reading and commenting on 1001 children's books and other books that cross my path, ranting about various issues, and discussing library related topics isn't enough for me.  So I've come up with a new blog project idea that I'm really excited about.

Everyone always reminisces about books they used to read (guiltiest person of such behavior), but when you move on to bigger and hopefully better things, what do you select?  The same goes for tweens and young adults, they've just reached the end of that acceptable Baby Sitters Club phase, but aren't quite sure what they should attempt next.

So the plan is a recurring theme of "you used to read this, now read this" and it will consist of lists of books connected by subject matter, themes, prominent literary features, etc.  I'm actually using some of this work at a high school library where I volunteer, so, per usual, the selections will be a little young adult heavy.  But everyone needs a good YA read every now and then. =)

When you read, try to look like this guy.  Or maybe not.

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