Feb 19, 2012

Blue's Clues

Yesterday was my sister's 17th birthday.  It was also the day that we discovered that Blue's Clues is available to watch instantly on Netflix.  This is what our reaction faces looked like:


And then we watched three episodes.  Not to brag, but during every episode I figured out what Blue was trying to say after the first clue.  So, yeah.

Maybe we're lame, but I at least have the defense that I'm interested in children's media and using said media as an educational tool: "Hey kid, you think you're having fun, but really you're learning.  Sucker!" 

Blue's Clues is a fairly awesome television show.  Its basic detective plot helps build problem-solving skills.  The repetition the show is built around strengthens minds.  Nick Jr. used to air the same episode 5 times a week so the youngins watching would improve their memory, attention span and comprehension.  The show also features about four songs that are the same in every episode  so children become familiar with the show's format and stay on track.  
The theme of every episode is also repeated throughout to maintain audience focus, not unlike a theme episode of Glee.  The interactive format is one of the lauded aspects of the show, as it keeps children attentive and involved in the action.  And really, who doesn't like yelling at the screen?  It's The Price is Right for kids. 

There was research done that actually proved that this show improved creative thinking and problem-solving. There's no proof that it helped build vocabulary with its repetitive word-of-the-episode scripting, but the positives for this show are astounding.  Far better than that trollop Dora (Kidding, I also love Dora). 

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