Sep 27, 2011

Day 03 – Your favorite series

The Baby-Sitters Club.  BAM, didn't even have to think on this one.  Now when I say the BSC is my favorite series, I'm including all of the series that branch off of this: Baby-Sitters Club Super Specials, Baby-sitters Little Sister, Babysitters Club Mysteries, California Diaries.   I love sooooo many different series, but this is by far my favorite (I don't really think of HP as a series...more of an entity.  Yeah). Really, I love them.  Here's why:

1) The baby block lettering used for the series titles.  There's really no explanation that I can give on why that makes it my favorite series.  Just accept it, I have. 

2) The babysitters (and their little sisters and their California counterparts) all have their own distinct personalities so that readers can identify with at least one.  Kind of like how those "American Girl" dolls worked when they realized that oh yeah, not everyone is white in America.  But every time I read one of the books, I would identify with a different girl: I'm like Claudia because I like to eat chocolate! I'm like Jessie because I dance! I'm like Mary Ann because I like to read! I'm like Kristy because I'm bossy! I could go on.  I never felt like Stacey though because I wasn't fashionable and didn't have diabetes.  Oh well. 

3) The book where they visit Stacey in NY taught me how filet mignon is not pronounced fill-it-mig-none.  All eight year olds need to learn this at some point.

4) The Dawn focused books inspired me to search my house for secret passages.  I didn't find one, but every now and then I knock on walls to see if they're hollow.  If I do this near you, know that it's a lingering effect of my childhood reading habits and not a behavioral disorder. 

5) It's super easy to just grab one, open up to chapter 5 or so, and jump into the story.  As a result, I reread them so often that I caught all of the typos of Byron and Bryon and never really knew what that kid's name was supposed to be.    

6) I used to have two whole shelves devoted to these books.  I had (have?) slight OCD and needed to own them all in order, so I would try to fill in the gaps of my collection using my hard earned report card money during school book fairs.  My parents used to try to get me to buy books I hadn't read yet because they knew I trucked at least 10 of these bad boys home with me from the library on a weekly basis, but I just loved owning them. 

I have a confession that may cause at least 2 of my friends to experience severe pain in their heart region and for that, I apologize.  I've never seen the movie, but I did read the novelization of the movie.  Does that still count? No?

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  1. I've never seen the movie either but I LOVE THESE. I read them if I didn't have anything else to read probably into ninth or tenth grade. (Shhhhhhh.) I liked the super specials because they were longer and because they went back and forth between everyone's point of view. I particularly liked the mystery one at the ski resort :) and the one where Jessie decides to do synchronized swimming...