Sep 26, 2011

Day 02 – A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Ok, a book I've read more than three times, that would be almost half of the books I've ever read.  How does one narrow that down?  I won't go the obvious route and use one of the Harry Potters. So Gallows Hill, by Lois Duncan it is.

I used to be obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials.  There was a time in the 4th grade where a group of girls in my class pretended we were actually witches. led to some weird play that we  performed for other classrooms.  It was kind of awkward.  Moving on. 

This book is more effective if you actually have some knowledge about the specifics of what went on during the Salem Witch Trials.  Being from MA, I feel like I was privy to more of this information, but that might not have been the school system and could very easily have been the fact that I checked out and renewed nonfiction books enough to keep them to myself for a year.

I haven't read this in some time because my sister stole borrowed it from my oversized collection of young adult books.  Basically, a family moves to what is a fairly conservative town - it doesn't accept change all that well.  Sarah, the new girl in town, assumes the role of the fortune-teller at her school's Halloween fair and ends up seeing true visions.  Students start to turn on her and the events that transpire begin to mirror those of the Salem Witch Trials.  By the end, when the high schoolers attempt to hang her, it's clear that everyone in the Town is the reincarnation of either a famous victim or prosecutor/accuser from the Trials.  I vaguely recall that there's a fairly heavy male student whose fat is a stand-in for the heavy boulders that crushed Giles Corey to death in 1692 (yeah, I know my stuff). 

Wikipedia tells me that I've Been Waiting for You, a TV movie based on this novel, was released in 1998 and starred Punky Brewster and Stella from HIMYM.  I think I'm going to need to find and watch this now. 

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