May 4, 2011

Attorney Update

I'm being scolded once again by the 87 year old attorney who thinks my going to librarian school is worthless, but also an opportunity for him to publish a series for kids on Native Americans.  As you may or may not recall, this series was to star an Indian chief named Wolfman.  Well it's Wolfman no more.  Now his name is Lone Star Wolf, which is wonderful because we can get Chuck Norris to pose for the cover art as an intoxicated cowboy. 

In addition to being born on the first Thanksgiving before the Pilgrims arrived, Wolfman Lone Star Wolf was "born many moons ago" on "a clear night."  I'm hoping he'll say that there was a full moon so we can add werewolves to this testament to U.S. history.  Now these additions to the Wolfman Lone Star Wolf saga may not seem that amusing, but I should note that they followed his declaration of "no liquor for the Indians!" which he shouted, unprovoked, as he walked by my desk.  Adorable. 


  1. I laugh every time I read your blog. This is hilarious.

    PS I signed up for the Children's Lit thing at Simmons this summer.

  2. Hahaha thanks Tahleen! I'm actually not doing the symposium because I'm not too interested in the topics they're discussing and I'm not a huge MT Anderson fan. Oh well. You'll have to tell me about it though!!