Jul 14, 2013

YA Summer Movies

So far this summer, I've already gone to two movies that really speak to young adults.  Now I'm looking ahead at the movies coming out the rest of this season to see what, aside from the blockbusters, will make for great dialogue with teens at the library.

1. The Way, Way Back (Now Playing)


Duncan is a 14 year old boy forced to spend a summer with his mother's overbearing boyfriend. While his mother, her boyfriend (played by Steve Carrell in a role completely opposite of Michael Scott), and their adult friends regress to teen like behavior, Duncan finds himself a job at a nearby water park and comes into his own.  The movie is hilarious, but hits home with heartbreaking scenes of teens and adults being unsure of their value.

2. The Bling Ring (Now Playing)

This movie is based on real events from 2009: a group of teens repeatedly stole from celebrities who for some reason didn't lock their doors. The movie is great social commentary on our obsession with celebrity, selfies, and labels.  Teens (and most audience members) will mostly recognize Hermione Granger with an American accent in this movie.

3. Girl Most Likely (July 19)

A comedy where a playwright (Kristen Wiig) moves back to her Jersey home after becoming yesterday's news. She has to grow to love her family as a part of her regrouping process. Teens are in that awkward stage where they want to be independent, but have no choice but to listen to their parents. I think they'll relate. Also, Darren Criss from Glee is in it, so there's that.  There's always that.

4. The Spectacular Now (August 2)

The preview for this movie played before both The Way, Way Back and The Bling Ring, and it's safe to say that I am now on board and must see this movie. 1. Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights) is in it.  2. From the writers of 500 Days of Summer.  3. It just looks good.  Sutter, a high school senior whose philosophy on life is to party hard and live in the now, meets a "nice girl" who changes his viewpoints.  It's based on the novel of the same name which hands you a nice book vs. the movie discussion to hold at your library.

5. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (August 23)

Speaking of potential book vs. the movie discussions, the hugely popular YA series is finally coming to the big screen.  Clary discovers that she comes from a line of Shadowhunters when her mother is captured by demons.  She has to dive into the world in order to save her mother, learning about her true past along the way.

What other movies are coming out this summer that you think teens would love? What movies are you looking forward to?

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