Jan 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Goals for 2013

I always have a standing goal of reading 100 books each year.  Why? Because I have 1000s of books I need to read and that seems like an efficient way to get through this process.  Also, not going to lie, it's fun to brag about reading 100+ books in a year.  Granted, I'm counting rereads and children's and YA books, but hey, a book is a book, right?

Top Ten Reading Goals for 2013

1) Read 100 books. 1.5 down, 98.5 to go!

2) Read more non-fiction, especially children's and YA fiction.  I think reading non-fiction children's books is the best way to get a broad understanding of a new topic.  I need to do this more.

3) Make a significant dent in reading the books I already own.  I have a problem with checking out too many books from libraries, which means I have to read those before they're due, which means I neglect the unread books on my shelf.

4) When I'm in bookstores and limiting myself on buying things, I take pictures of books to later checkout from the library.  I never go back to these pictures though.  I need to do that this year.

5) Read more of the books my students recommend to me.  I already have a rule that I look into books that I see have been checked out about 5 times, but I want to read their favorite, less popular gems.

6) Finally finish The Series of Unfortunate Events.

7) Reread Harry Potter.  A must.

8) Reread Mockingjay because I hated it, but maybe it'll be better the second time around?

9) Watch the movies I have on my Netflix Instant Queue that were based off of children's books I've read, and make the call as to whether they're good or not.

10) Be better about blogging regularly.  Now that I don't have any more homework (YES!), it shouldn't be too difficult. 

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