Jan 18, 2012

TV Scenes in Libraries Pt. 1

I think it's clear by now that I'm a fan of libraries. Libraries, bookshelves, and books. Even cupboards.  Sidenote, I really want a picture of me inside a cupboard so my blog title will be literal. It's also fairly obvious how much I love TV shows and all of the glory they bring. So, TV shows with scenes set in libraries are golden. Like Betty White, but better.

1) Friends, "The One With Ross' Library Book"
Friends is an all-time favorite. Ross has his dissertation published and after searching through his school's library catalog for funny names (Wendy Bagina), he realizes that the library owns a copy of his book.  He brings Chandler along to admire this accomplishment, only to find out that it's kept in a dusty section where students rendezvous to get busy.   In order to protect the integrity of the library, but more so his book, Ross decides to patrol the stacks to make sure the students are keeping it in their pants.  In doing so, however, he meets the one person who has checked out his book. She's impressed that he's so young (he did skip 4th grade) and then the scene cuts to them getting busted by actual library security.

2) Boy Meets World, "And Then There Was Shawn"
Hands down the best episode of BMW, "And Then There Was Shawn", is a spoof of slasher films, especially cult ones and all the 90s teen slasher films that were popular: I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream, and I can't think of any more because I don't actually like them. The students annoy life mentor/teacher/super man Mr. Feeney, and land themselves in detention with a random guy named Kenny, so when he's the first to die they can make the obligatory "he killed Kenny" joke. Anyway, people keep getting killed because they're locked inside the school with a killer, they decide to explore, and that leads them to the library. In the library there's a great death scene for Eric Matthews and guest star Jennifer Love Hewitt (the two were dating at the time - fun fact), as they get crushed to death by knocked over books. Awesome.

3) All That, Various
Alright, All That was a wonderful sketch comedy show that aired during the golden age of Nickelodeon (the 90s) and Lori Beth Denberg's greatest recurring role, in my opinion, was the Loud Librarian.  1) The character is an alliteration, 2) she's a complete stereotype of librarians except for the fact that 3) she's LOUD.  Library school students are constantly subjected to "QUIET!!!! THIS IS A LIBRARY!!!" but it's okay, we love it.  Watch this, you're welcome: 


Later: Chuck, Felicity, Buffy, Parks and Recreation, Golden Girls, SNL, etc etc etc.  Suggestions anyone?

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